2023 Lyriq SUV Leads Cadillac Into Electric Age

2023 Lyriq SUV Leads Cadillac Into Electric Age

Published: August 22, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Edging closer to production in the fraught summer of 2020 is Cadillac’s Lyriq SUEV. According to the company, the model is currently scheduled to begin rolling out of the factory in 2022, with a debut model year of 2023.

The Lyriq concept was revealed by Cadillac in the early days of last year. It was touted as the inaugural model to use GM’s EV platform and adaptable ‘Ultium’ system, a modular do-it-all architecture which accommodates the broad range of battery sizes necessary to build an entire EV array; 19 AWD, RWD, and FWD drivetrain styles and battery combinations make the system very versatile indeed.

The Cadillac Lyriq spearheads the automaker’s EV lineup, which also includes a concept model called the Celestiq. The Lyriq is the mid-size luxury SUEV entry, and it comes with an Ultium battery that delivers 100kWh of juice; the model’s range is currently estimated to be over 300 miles, sufficient to keep range anxiety at bay.

The Lyriq’s digital display is a concise model of space efficiency and logic—it measures about 33” in length in all, and gives the cabin a look of effortless simplicity. A touchscreen for the backseat passengers is also featured in the concept. Space efficiency due to the modular architecture makes the cargo area quite large for a mid-size; it is augmented with hidden storage spaces.

Cadillac hasn’t officially revealed a base price for the Lyriq, but did allude to the possibility that it will start at around $60K.

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