Winward Home Channels the Timeless Beauty of Flowers Into Arresting Permanent Botanicals

Winward Home Channels the Timeless Beauty of Flowers Into Arresting Permanent Botanicals

Published: August 20, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

“Earth laughs in flowers,” once declared Ralph Waldo Emerson. It just so happens that Winward Home knows how to turn nature’s joy into permanent expression.

Winward produces the most fully realized artisanal representations of fresh floral arrangements in the space. These flowers are designed, built, and assembled component by component, each petal and leaf carefully crafted and fit by hand into the whole. And, because a real flower provides the shape of the steel and plaster molds to be used, the detail is arrestingly lifelike.

Winward’s craftspeople create the petals and leaves of their flowers one piece at a time. When the components are finished, a single flower takes an hour to assemble, with forming, shaping, curling and painting all completed by hand, and each petal fitted individually into place.  The result is remarkably soulful; not an artificial analogue of a fresh flower, but an artistic reinterpretation.

Once the flowers have been completed, Winward’s U.S.-based designers—who are certified by American Institute of Floral Designers—combine them into an inventive series of finished arrangements. From monochromatic and monobotanical arrangements to more ebulliently expressive designs bursting with life, Winward’s arrangements manage to accurately capture the fragility and fleeting beauty of fresh flowers.

Concepts developed by Winward’s craftspeople include elegantly simple cottage designs, modern designs, and formal urn designs. Using a glass vase, they can also render the look of fresh flowers in water, using a resin that sets with an absolutely pure appearance, giving the arrangement the look of a collection of flowers freshly cut only moments before.

Winward’s innovative ‘flower-building’ technique is an exciting entry in the world of floral arrangements, as a look at the company’s more compelling arrangements, which include the Tulip and Ranunculus Mix, and the White Lily Casablanca Centerpiece, will reveal. These are flowers that enchant as readily as fresh, and they are featured prominently as architectural and living-style enhancements in high-end homes in Palm Beach, Atherton, and Manhattan.

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