Bentley Continental GT Convertible Mulliner: Spirit of Summer

Bentley Continental GT Convertible Mulliner: Spirit of Summer

Published: August 15, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Bentley introduced the 2020 Continental GT Mulliner Convertible this past winter, and a more summery ride we can’t imagine. The top tier model of the Continental GT range, the specially made drop-top features noticeable cosmetic touches including a Double Diamond grille, 22” wheels with floating badges, an overall eight-color scheme, and side vents branded with the Mulliner name.

But before 2020 has had a chance to fade into autumn, a 2021 model of the variant has arrived. Like the 2020 version, it features a diamond-in-diamond interior and tonneau cover finished with nearly 400,000 stitches, as well as headlamps inspired by cut crystal; the car’s sound system begins with a 2,200-watt, twenty-channel amplifier from venerable British audio firm Naim. The powertrain numbers are unaltered from the regular-production Continental GT: a V8, or a W12. The V8 can get you to a top speed of 198, more than enough for a leisurely touring car like this, making the W12 a seemingly vain option. The W12, however, yields its own inimitable pleasures.

The cabin features a triple-color scheme, with accent stripes and stitching on the doors and dash—and the Mulliner embroidered into each headrest—and the wheel picking up the color of the seats. An etched diamond console surrounds the then-meets-now look of the controls, with a Breitling clock the centerpiece.

Options for completing the look of an individual Continental GT Mulliner Convertible are extremely broad. The trim choices include 88 veneers, and there are 88 colors available for this particular Continental GT. The decisions could take weeks.

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