Ducati Enters E-Bike Segment With $4,300 e-Scrambler

Ducati Enters E-Bike Segment With $4,300 e-Scrambler

Published: August 8, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

It’d be nice to see that Ducati electric motorcycle which is, eventually, coming down the pike. For now, however, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer has whetted the appetites of those hoping for a quiet, ecologically-relevant two-wheeler with the e-Scrambler electric bicycle.

In motorcycle jargon, a scrambler is a city ride, and that’s where this latest e-bike from the company is going to feel most at home: from the apartment to work, from work to the coffeehouse. It boasts big Thok wheels with the classic look of fenders, a rack, lights front and back, and Thok riser handlebars.

The bike’s motorized package comes by way of Shimano—a Steps E7000 is the heart of it all, with a 504-Wh battery.

The Ducati e-Scrambler is priced at €3,700.

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