2022 Gordon Murray T.50: Purebred for Purists

2022 Gordon Murray T.50: Purebred for Purists

Published: August 8, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Gordon Murray Design’s T.50 is nearly ready to enter production. Murray, an exotic automaker who first made a name for himself by helping to design F1 cars for McLaren Racing—and then, to follow, some of McLaren’s street-legal offerings—founded the company in 2007, initially with an eye to building a new urban solution: the T.25.

The T.25 is an extremely lightweight car that’s cheap to drive and designed to maximize interior space in a small, city-specific use case package. The T.50 places similar emphasis on weight-savings—its curb weight tips the scales at 2,174 pounds—but it’s another order of business entirely.

Essentially, the T.50 picks up where the McLaren F1 leaves off. Both pragmatic and poetic in form, its lines have the beauty of a traditional British sports and the contemporary iconoclasm of the style Murray brought to McLaren.

In terms of design, the Gordon Murray T.50 has a few unusual chops to show off, including a center driving position that recalls the McLaren F1. The engine is custom-built by British firm Cosworth; the V12 engine can deliver 654 British horsepower at nearly 12,000 RPM. With the low weight, the T.50 offers a power-to-weight ratio that is extraordinary. A unique aero system keeps the car where it should be at high speeds.

The Gordon Murray Design production facility is located in Surrey, England. In 2022, the first examples of the T.50 will be on the road. Only 100 will be built; the model is priced at £2.36 million, or a little over $3 million.

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