Rachael Ray Completes Sale of Hamptons Home for $3.3M

Rachael Ray Completes Sale of Hamptons Home for $3.3M

Published: August 4, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

It took a little more than two years for Rachael Ray to sell her Southampton getaway. But sell it she did, this summer, for about $3.25 million. The house first hit the market under Ray’s ownership in the high summer of 2017, asking $4.9 million.

The house was constructed in 1994. The lot is private, and features an expansive backyard with a pool standing between main house and guest home; the latter features a brick floor, a kitchenette, a little, spa-like bath with an alcove soaking tub, and a leisurely feeling bedroom.

As for the main house: off-white is the rule of thumb, which gives the living style a clean look that augments the open-concept design. A set of sliding glass doors opens the living room wide to the outdoor recreation area, and two fireplaces warm up the common spaces. The kitchen is a comfortable space for a serious chef; no-nonsense, elegantly simple, and with everything in easy reach.

Ray and her husband John Cusimano had owned the home for well over a decade; the couple purchased the little idyll in 2008.

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