Ultimate Toys’ Bespoke 144 Commuter Luxury Conversion Sprinter Van High on Comfort, Luxury

Ultimate Toys’ Bespoke 144 Commuter Luxury Conversion Sprinter Van High on Comfort, Luxury

Published: July 21, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The custom Mercedes Sprinter vans of U.S. specialty firm Ultimate Toys continue to be in vogue. The company’s line-up—which includes both business and family/travel options—has been steadily growing over the past few years.

The latest model from Ultimate Toys is the 144 Commuter. The newest entry to the company’s line-up is significant because it represents the most space-efficient model they currently offer; it’s only as long as a typical SUV, but sustains the craftsmanship and careful layout design of any other Ultimate Toys Sprinter conversion.

Among their Sprinter van conversions, the 144 Commuter is the easiest to park and the easiest to negotiate on the road. The highly maneuverable vehicle is uniquely designed and designated as a daily driver, suitable for worry-free city travel.

Ultimate Toys puts a lot of stress on incorporating a bathroom into their Sprinter van designs, and the 144 is no exception where this essential amenity is concerned; they also design their bathrooms to be much larger than most (the biggest in the industry) included in a luxury conversion van of this size. The Commuter can be ordered with or without a loo, but either way the interiors are remarkably spacious for a Sprinter van of this size!

The company also takes a great deal of care with craftsmanship details, and this model—like all— features custom woodwork and other handcrafted features that give these Mercedes Sprinter vans a bit of Maybach style. Additional headroom allows full freedom of movement, avoiding the cramped, submarine feel of many conversion vans.

The Ultimate Toys 144 Commuter comes equipped with two swiveling captain’s chairs in the middle, with four captain’s chairs in all. Another floor plan feature is sofa seating, a great choice for buyers who plan to overnight: the two sofas can fold into a bed. Connectivity is also key in an Ultimate Toys Sprinter van, and the 144 features Apple TV for the two HD televisions on either side of the cabin, as well as wireless internet for staying up-to-date and communicative. A refrigerator package for snacks and beverages is situated in the back.

Ultimate Toys’ 144 Commuter may be the most maneuverable, overnight-capable luxury conversion van currently available. With Ultimate Toys’ style and well-crafted interiors, it represents a solid investment as a weekend escape vehicle that can do double-duty as a daily driver without parking headaches or difficulty in traffic.

To learn more, visit www.UltimateToys.com online, email [email protected], or call 513-586-3792.

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