Lamborghini and Tecnomar Create Yacht Inspired by Sian Hypercar

Lamborghini and Tecnomar Create Yacht Inspired by Sian Hypercar

Published: July 4, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

With German automaker Mercedes-AMG having repeatedly tested the waters via collaborations with Cigarette Racing, Lamborghini has decided it’s time to get its feet wet. Or, perhaps the inspiration originated in the case of the Lambo-loving character who decided to have a speedboat commissioned that would match his Aventador; the hyperyacht was unveiled and hit the news in 2017.

In any case, Lamborghini’s taken the plunge and co-developed a 63 foot-long yacht with ocean tech-oriented Italian firm Tecnomar. What surfaced from the teaming of the two companies is the watercraft you see in the photos below.

Lamborghini used the Sián as a touchstone, taking the abrupt angles and atmospheric presentation of the four-wheeled landlubber and converting them into the design language of the yacht. It features hexagonal glass, digital instrument clusters, carbon fiber construction, and—crucially—a pair of 2,000 horsepower MAN V12 diesels.

Tecnomar isn’t planning on building very many examples of the craft; in all, 63 will be launched. While they’re at it, Lamborghini won’t be laying idly by; the Italian automaker plans to build 63 special Sián supercars. You can buy a matched set for $5 million.

Oh, and if 63 appears to have crypto-numerological significance, it sort of does; Lamborghini, as an automaker, was launched in 1963.

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