Range Rover Turns 50, Celebrates With ‘Fifty’ Model

Range Rover Turns 50, Celebrates With ‘Fifty’ Model

Published: July 2, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Range Rover turns 50 in 2020, and Jaguar Land Rover is making the most of the milestone with a limited-edition model for the semicentenary of the influential vehicle and prototypical sport-utility vehicle: the Range Rover Fifty.

As a limited-edition model, you might expect the Fifty to sport Autobiography-level trim, and you’d be right on the money. Special badging is of course part of the Fifty’s appeal as well, and it will be offered in three evocative colors from the era of its debut: shades of blue and gold that might trigger a flashback in some of us, and a generic white from the period that probably won’t trigger any memories at all.

Special components on the Range Rover Fifty include 22” rims, and the U.S. version will be outfitted with a supercharged 5L V8 that can deliver 518 horsepower. Inside the cabin, a wheel with a special centerpiece and a console badge declare the limited-edition’s identity in no uncertain terms.

Production will be limited to just 1,970 examples—one for each year since the model was inducted. Pricing and delivery estimates are forthcoming.

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