Wave House in Washington by Olson Kundig

Wave House in Washington by Olson Kundig

Published: June 23, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Wave House, Mercer Island, Washington. Olson Kundig.

““The design of this home explores organic forms inspired by the topography, shoreline, and water to enhance the connections between interior and exterior, the built and the natural.” –Kirsten R. Murray, FAIA, Design Principal

This single-family home for a couple with young children provides an open, flexible living space that supports family life, as well as an adjacent workshop and garage for the owner’s avid interest in car restoration. Gently curved roof forms are inspired by the topography of the site and Lake Washington’s undulating shoreline, creating a sculptural grouping of buildings on the site. A light approach to landscape preserves the site’s existing trees, including a Japanese maple that frames the front entry. Durable materials provide long-term, low-maintenance protection against the wet climate.

Inside, a vaulted, double-height main living area creates a casual and flexible gathering space for the family. This space features high windows to capture daylight, as well as a wall of full-height windows oriented to the view of Lake Washington and beyond. A loft above the kitchen, partially suspended from the roof structure, creates additional flexible space for gathering and play. The adjacent detached garage continues the home’s sculptural language with a curving roofline and high windows. Vaulted ceilings further echo the bright and airy interior of the home’s main living space. The garage provides a bright and airy workspace that supports the owner’s passion for restoring classic cars, as well as weather-protected storage.”

Photo credit: Aaron Leitz

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