Travis Scott Plunks Down $23.5M for Idealized L.A. Trophy

Published: June 23, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Shortly after ex Kylie Jenner revealed her swanky new digs, rap star Travis Scott took time out from performing this spring to add a significant property to his residential real estate portfolio: this $23.5 million mansion in Los Angeles.

The property is located above Crestwood Hills; the 16,700-square-foot home was built last year. The architectural style is postmodern-inflected, with sweeping curves, and plentiful poured concrete and glass, citing contemporary style while hinting at chilly 1970s futurism.

The hillside location allows for a wide-open design in the back of the home, with three levels featuring retractable glass at every opportunity for an indoor/outdoor living style. Views are exceptionally fine.

But the real story of the interiors is the way they continue the playful fluidity expressed in the home’s exteriors. Ornamental and structural accents create broad sheets and arcs; the bar is as sculptural as functional, and LED backlighting amplifies the overt atmospherics at work in the living style.

Additionally, the Escheresque hardwood floors are quite beautiful and, generally, textures abound. The ponderous effect of poured concrete is held nicely in check by the circumspect interior design, the exception being perhaps the stairwell, which uses a graceful, spiraling wall of the stuff to enclose, and emphasize the liberation of transition. A nice touch, and one that might sap business from the two elevators in the home.

The lot measures over an acre, a substantial size that is filled in with a 20-car auto gallery streetside, and an infinity pool with a design echoing the home’s architecture. Using Italian marble for the driveway is overkill, but why not.

Scott’s single “Sicko Mode” reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

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