Ellen DeGeneres Passes Renovated Montecito Retreat to Ariana Grande for $6.8M

Ellen DeGeneres Passes Renovated Montecito Retreat to Ariana Grande for $6.8M

Published: June 20, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

After a substantial spell as a renter and house-hunter, pop star Ariana Grande has switched to buying mode, and with a vengeance. With her purchase of a flashy contemporary modern in Hollywood Hills—to the tune of $13.7 million—recently behind her, she opted to pick up an Ellen DeGeneres/Portia di Rossi special: the much commented-upon 17th-century English jigsaw puzzle of a house in Montecito the duo purchased and brushed up this winter.

City and country, then.

The property is a striking departure from the Hollywood Hills home, and in the best of ways. First off is the location and size of the property: far from the congested bustle of the hills above Sunset, and with several quiet acres to stretch out upon. Taken as a whole, the property is a cool green glade of a spot, meditative and almost poetic.

As for the house, it’s everything the contemporary is not. Chock full ‘o historicity, with exposed timbers, plaster and stone from the Age of Enlightenment, and a gentle touch where the revisions necessary to appease contemporary tastes are concerned. The home’s cathedral ceilings are intensely liberating, balancing the heavy style beautifully. Floors are brick or hardwood plank, leaded windows, and fireplaces are also part and parcel of this very unusual home.

The 1.35 acres of grounds feature specimen trees, gardens, and stone walking paths that amble freely through the grounds.

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