Triumph Reveals Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition

Triumph Reveals Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition

Published: June 2, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

A new Bond vehicle is cruising into a movie theater—and, perhaps, a dealership—near you. Aston may be king of the double-O rides, but in the next Bond vehicle, No Time to Die, the scourge of SPECTRE will take a spin on a two-wheeler, as classic U.K. cycle firm Triumph will soon play a supporting role in getting the intrepid agent out of hot water.

The consumer version of the model is called the Scambler Bond Edition. It sports plentiful Bond symbolism and branding, and a special night camouflage treatment that makes it both a hard target and a shadowy presence.

The bike’s engine is the standard Triumph Scrambler powerplant, which displaces 1,200 cubic centimeters and delivers 90 horsepower. It’s priced at a 30% premium over the standard Triumph Scrambler: about $23K at current exchange rates.

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