Tesla’s $200K Roadster Takes a Backseat to Crowd-Favorite Cybertruck

Tesla’s $200K Roadster Takes a Backseat to Crowd-Favorite Cybertruck

Published: May 26, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Ah, we live in a pragmatic moment in history. Social distancing, face masks, and trucks ahead of roadsters. Where, we ask, is the poetry? The insouciant, devil-may-care spirit of spring? The righteous and hopeful contradicting of the fundamentals of Eliot’s April, and all those negative, cynical waves, Moriarty?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is postponing the company’s most acute expression of springtime—the Roadster—in favor of the chilly, mathematically pragmatic Cybertruck, a vehicle with the soul of a silicon chip, so it’s best not to turn to him for answers. He may put off delivery of the eco-conscious four-wheeled fairground ride until 2021.

Electric Muskyland will focus on the ant’s needs, relegating the grasshopper’s to the back burner, and getting the Cybertruck adopted as a workhorse solution before the sunny day drop-top can hit the highways. It’s a fair solution, and a wise one—the $40K Cybertruck, a crowd fav, should sell well, and broadly, and help keep Tesla’s bottom line in the black. And, considering the Cybertruck’s potential as a true pick-up seems rather limited, it is more likely to find glory as an ‘alt-SUV.’ There goes Tesla breaking the mold again.

Still, Musk did promise untold driverly riches to those who do take delivery of a copy of the $200K Roadster when it finally does take center stage to fret its own hour. He indicated inspiration, and perhaps a few inspired engineering features, would be borrowed from Tesla’s sister company, SpaceX—including a series of thrusters positioned around the car to make the Roadster more agile, quicker, and easier to stop…and even, perhaps, allow it to break free of terrestrial fetters and itself plunge skyward.

Now, those are some positive poetic waves, Moriarty!

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