Capital House in Washington by Olson Kundig

Capital House in Washington by Olson Kundig

Published: May 23, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Capital House, Washington, DC. Olson Kundig.

“Inspired by classical monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial at the nearby capital, and the client’s longing for a vaulted roof form, Capital House is at once monumental and cozy, regal and understated. The two-story house emphasizes scale and proportion with a simple C-shaped plan surrounding a central courtyard. Clad in elegant slabs of limestone on the bottom level, the home rises to extensive glazing on the second story and a curved roof floating above.

The entrance to the house occurs through a glass and steel vestibule, and opens to the main spine of the home, with doors and windows leading out to the courtyard. The monumental hallway lined with concrete columns terminates in the formal dining and living rooms. Upstairs, crossing a bridge leads to the open master suite, with a series of additional bedrooms down the main hallway. The design incorporates several pieces from the owner’s collection of Civil Rights-inspired art, and custom designed furnishings by Jim Olson can be found throughout.”

Photo credit: Nic Lehoux

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