Moon Rock Could Be Yours for $2.5M

Moon Rock Could Be Yours for $2.5M

Published: May 12, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

A heavenly relic will soon be offered for sale starting at $2.5 million. A lunar meteorite which, at thirty pounds, is one of the largest to ever touch down on Earth, will be offered by Christie’s later this week.

The piece has been labeled NWA 12691, and is likely the result of a collision of the moon with a rather large asteroid. The meteorite was found in the Sahara desert in 2018. By comparison with rocks brought back by Apollo mission astronauts, scientists have concluded that the meteorite’s origination is, indeed, lunar.

The piece is thought to be the fifth largest lunar meteorite on the planet. Its 13.5 kilogram weight makes it a substantial member of a select group, as there are only 650 kilograms of lunar meteorite in total believed to be on Earth.

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