Triangle House Midcentury Gem in Tarzana Listed for $4M

Triangle House Midcentury Gem in Tarzana Listed for $4M

Published: May 5, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Harry Gesner’s expressive high modern homes include the ‘Triangle House’ in Tarzana.

This home may not be quite as famous as Gesner’s ‘Cooper Wave House’ in Malibu—which co-starred with the fab four in the feature film ‘Yesterday’—but it is just as singular, and just as strongly representative of its era. And, it’s for sale.

But you’ll need to come up with something in the neighborhood of $3.999 million to call this architecturally significant property your own.

The 5,278 square foot house contains four bedrooms and six baths. The geometry of its exterior is prefigured initially by a trapezoidal gate that looks like functional sculpture, and then by an angular walkway. The two-level structure—which is built into the earth, and terminates in landscaping on either side—opens up freely with glass walls, presenting an entirely liberated living style that is wholeheartedly of the exterior world.

The interiors boast tile floors in dramatically contrasting tones; narrow-plank hardwood, concrete and steel are other materials that offer differing textures to the home’s pleasing visuals. The shared living space is wide open, and the earth tones, glass and wood offer a great deal of warmth to temper the cerebral formalism.

The property also includes a guest house—built as a reprise of the main house. A pool with pool house and sauna, terraces, and landscaping that is both controlled and varied in execution distinguish the 1.3 acres of grounds.

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