Louis Vuitton ‘Escale Spin Time’ Features Meteorite Dial

Louis Vuitton ‘Escale Spin Time’ Features Meteorite Dial

Published: May 5, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

A new version of Louis Vuitton’s Escale Spin Time is set to take its rightful place on your own very hip wrist.

Vuitton’s playfully contemporary vision on classic travel lit has always been a motif for the firm, but for 2020’s Escale Spin Time Vuitton has turned skyward for inspiration—the dial is crafted from meteorite, giving each example an overtone of a travel log unfettered by terrestrial limitation. Who knows how far that bit of rock and mineral had to travel to wind up in a flashy bit of wrist wear. Other materials include titanium—a hardy interstellar-ready metal if ever there was one—and rose gold.

The nifty design of the Escale Spin Time, of course, remains entirely intact. There’s only one hand, for the minute marker; otherwise, those twelve squares alternate, with the hour number popping up here and there to indicate correct placement in our agreed-upon system of temporal measurement.

Vuitton’s brand of whimsy is never a bargain—thank goodness—but you’ll have to bring a little gold of your own to take home an example of this watch. It is priced at $50K.

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