McLaren Senna Boasts 889 Horses Compliments of Novitec

McLaren Senna Boasts 889 Horses Compliments of Novitec

Published: April 25, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

One of the prominent tuning shops in Germany, Novitec’s design style is distinguished by an unwillingness to visually exaggerate. The team has an uncanny ability to locate the soul of a model and coax it into full expression.

Generally, Novitec likes Ferraris (488 Pista, 812 Superfast, Portofino, 812 Superfast, GTC4 Lusso, 488, F12 Berlinetta), but like any well-known tuner their back pages are a veritable catalog of high-end car work, with Lamborghini (Urus, Huracan), Rolls-Royce (Dawn), Maserati (Levante) and Tesla (Model 3) all contributing foundations for their builds. They like to go to work on a McLaren from time to time, too, and in the past have delivered exceptional packages for the 570S and 570GT; in late 2018, in fact, they designed a package for the 720S that aligned the model with the latest ultimate McLaren, the Senna.

This month, Novitec revealed more Senna-related work: a trio of performance packages designed specifically for the ultimate McLaren model. The packages include engine work that boosts the Senna’s native 800 horsepower to 890 (902 metric), enough juice to hit 200 MPH in 6.5 seconds.

New components include a Novitec Race GTR high-performance superlight exhaust system, a combination of staggered 20” and 21” MC3 forged rims and tires courtesy of Novitec and Vossen, and a Novitec N-TRONIC mapping and boost pressure control module. The interiors are fully customizable in a variety of types and colors of leather, and Alcantara.

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