Chinese Billionaire’s Bespoke Jumbo Jet Rooted in Nautical Design Sensibilities

Chinese Billionaire’s Bespoke Jumbo Jet Rooted in Nautical Design Sensibilities

Published: April 25, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

A recent article in Architectural Digest looked at the custom yacht and plane interiors of Alberto Pinto, a design firm based in Paris. One particular project completed by the team—and commissioned by a Chinese businessman—combined the two, packing luxury nautical design elements into the cabin of an Airbus business jet.

The interiors of the plane, the customer insisted, must arise out of Feng Shui philosophy, which emphasizes graceful balance in living spaces. Hard corners and other symbols of limitation, and suggestions of abrupt or absolute beginning or endings, are right out in Feng Shui. And so the central motif employed in the plane is the circle, suggesting natural process as endless continuation just as readily as it suggests a porthole.

Materials used included carbon fiber, to bring a more contemporary accent material into the whole, as well as koto veneer. Glossy wood and stone, rounded edges, and atmospheric LED accent lighting are a few other components of the composition.

Interestingly, this bespoke Airbus business jet also contains—per customer requirement, of course—a shower and a full galley, which convert it fully into a flying luxury apartment. Or…yacht.

The project was a collaborative effort between Alberto Pinto and AMAC Aerospace, a Swiss firm who, jet-followers might remember, designed the $110 million bespoke Airbus ACJ320neo we covered about a month ago.

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