With Vyrus Alyen 988, Motorcycle Design Takes a Big Leap Forward

With Vyrus Alyen 988, Motorcycle Design Takes a Big Leap Forward

Published: April 18, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

In a way, Italian motorcycle builder Vyrus carries the torch for the heyday of famed, legendary brands like Moto Guzzi and Ducati. Like such storied brands, they place equal emphasis on style and innovation.

For Italians, bikes were—classically speaking—accessories as well as conveyances, a means of exaggerating a sense of style, and connecting the personal with the collective ideal of hip as they got riders where they needed to go. The 1960’s mod fashion mavens’ selection of the Vespa and Lambretta speaks volumes about the importance of selecting the right bike for personal expression and social engagement.

For Vyrus, such traditional amalgamation is vibrant and alive. The company’s newest bike bears out their dedication to the art of the Italian motorcycle. It’s called the Alyen 988. Stylistically, it’s thoroughly contemporary; its massing is a feat of efficient engineering. But the look is sculptural, and the colors used combine into a compositional effect. The shape isn’t as otherworldly as the name might suggest, apart from the usual vaguely insectoid visuals; and composite carbon fiber is exoskeleton-like, isn’t it.

The Alyen might just have enough juice to break gravity’s hold on the earthbound, however; the Ducati-sourced 1,285cc engine isn’t the biggest ever designed, but it’s a potent powerplant. The four-stroke engine can deliver over 200 horsepower, with a six-speed delivering the goods. That’s a lot of speed on tap.

So, can you get one? Presumably, but Vyrus hasn’t provided ordering or pre-ordering details yet.

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