Mercedes-AMG G63 Yachting Edition by Carlex Design Draws Inspiration From Nautical Themes

Mercedes-AMG G63 Yachting Edition by Carlex Design Draws Inspiration From Nautical Themes

Published: April 9, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Polish tuner Carlex has made a name for itself in this century as a one-stop shop when over-the-top bling is absolutely necessary. But their more audaciously ambitious jobs have been equaled by occasional flights of fancy that are quite remarkable. The Mercedes-AMG G63 Steampunk Edition they unveiled earlier this year is one example of Carlex’s more whimsically adventurous projects. The new Mercedes-AMG G63 Yachting Limited Edition, a nautically themed SUV that yearns for the high seas, offers a warm consolation to those stepping off their beloved superyacht, and flashy a status symbol to those seeking to announce to the world that they own one. For others, it offers a creative take on the idea of a tire-shredding land yacht.

Traditionally, it’s the Brits who blur the line between their roadgoing and waterborne classics, at least in automotive design. By option, Rolls has used—and still uses—teak ‘decking’ as a thematic design flourish to add stylistic depth to its Phantom and Drophead Coupes. Mercedes has delved into the tradition too, though, although only in a Maybach, never in a G63.

Carlex decided to, though, and of course they didn’t pussyfoot around once the project got the green light. The cargo space of the SUV is decked out in decking and a custom ceiling that sports a compass rose, a motif which pops up again on the spare wheel cover in back. The exterior receives a special finish, with brushed metallic and silver set off by matte black hood. The interiors are what may be termed, at this point, classic Carlex: a refined, plush treatment in leather and Alcantara.

The G-Yachting is currently available.

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