With Bathroom, Galley, and Bed, Ultimate Toys’ Luxury Sprinter Vans Offer Crucial Protection and Utility

With Bathroom, Galley, and Bed, Ultimate Toys’ Luxury Sprinter Vans Offer Crucial Protection and Utility

Published: April 7, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Presented by Ultimate Toys.

A converted Mercedes Sprinter van from Ultimate Toys is an ultimate getaway vehicle. Whatever your needs may be—personal or work shuttle, family travel, escaping the in-laws, or even escaping a troublesome little bug which, at the moment, happens to have the world playing defense—an Ultimate Toys Sprinter van allows you to do it in comfort and style.

Crucially, a well-equipped Sprinter van—with bathroom and galley—will allow you to get around or travel without putting the family at risk during food or bathroom pit stops. With the country on lockdown, and no end in sight to the current crisis, a luxury Sprinter van is a sensible option for those who appreciate the protection it affords. Sofas double as fold out beds in some models, offering an opportunity for rest. When the risk of illness and potential healthcare costs are considered, an Ultimate Toys luxury Sprinter van is a no-brainer, and just might pay for itself in spades.

The people at Ultimate Toys make the luxury conversion van their single purpose, and to that end they tend to be a restless lot, always considering how to improve their designs, or add a bit more customization potential to their lineup. They elected to use the Mercedes Benz Sprinter as a foundation; the van is exceedingly well made, with a powerful engine, and its interiors can easily be adapted to business or recreational use cases.

An Ultimate Toys Sprinter conversion can also support living on the road should things really get difficult. Its small size makes it easy to negotiate, and it can park in a wilderness spot and transition into home base easily. As a fast, go-to option for such difficult times, it’s perfect; parked and waiting in the driveway or garage, it could be a godsend.

On the road, an Ultimate Toys Sprinter van is nimble and adaptable. The design is founded on an ideal of a high ratio of luxury to efficiency, and the features profile of their standard Sprinter van is evidence that the designers have done their job well. Most of their Sprinter van conversions boast an option for the largest bathroom in the industry, as well as hand-crafted interiors, top-flight materials, and luggage space belying the van’s size.

The Ultimate Toys Sprinter lineup includes the Ultimate Limo model, as well as Ultimate Coach, Ultimate Cruiser 144, and Ultimate RV models, among others, each geared to a select usage case. Like all Ultimate Toys offerings, the floor plan of most may be designed to include the largest bathroom in class.

To learn more, visit www.UltimateToys.com online, email [email protected], or call 513-586-3792.

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