Two-Door Range Rover Now a Reality With $295K Adventum Coupe

Two-Door Range Rover Now a Reality With $295K Adventum Coupe

Published: March 31, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Two years ago this month, Land Rover introduced the SV Coupe, a limited production model with two doors, a swept roofline, and a $296K price tag. The automaker assured that year’s Geneva crowd that the model was coming, and would be limited to just 999 examples.

Land Rover may have nixed production before it got started, but designer Niels van Roij liked the idea enough to take it and run with it. The result of his efforts is called the Adventum Coupe.

The body language of the Adventum Coupe is that of a coach-built car: a refinement that only comes from carefully considering every line, and beating the aluminum by hand. Niels van Roij decided on a subtler gradient for the roof, yielding a shape that will age better than the Adventum’s progenitor. It also loses a few rhetorical embellishments, most notably the vents on the front doors.

This new Range Rover model may be coach-built, but the engine is pure JLR. Niels van Roij selected the Autobiography V8 tuned for 518 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. The Adventum Coupe’s cabin receives a treatment in Nappa leather, red with black accents; the rear seats are captain’s chairs. A bit of nautical influence isn’t new to high-end British touring cars, and the Adventum receives some teak in the cargo space. A pair of bumbershoots—in red and black, of course—are on hand for tricky weather.

Van Roij is going to build just 100 Adventum Coupes—99 more, as the one pictured below has been delivered. The vehicle is priced at around $300K, at current exchange rates.

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