Bombardier Challenger 350 Still the Top-Selling Super Mid-Size Jet

Bombardier Challenger 350 Still the Top-Selling Super Mid-Size Jet

Published: March 28, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Canadian aerospace company Bombadier may make the longest-range business jet in the industry—their Global 8000 model can travel 7,900 nautical miles on a full tank of hi-test—but it’s the company’s Challenger 350 that outsold all others in its class in 2019.

In all, 59 examples of the super mid-sized, 10-passenger jet found their way to their owners last year; the model commanded 44% of all sales in the super mid-size category. But the Challenger 350’s sales performance extends to the past six years; it has indeed dominated its class with the most deliveries every year since 2014, when it was introduced.

Luxury business jets have represented a dramatically growing segment of aerospace sales in the past decade. Luxury, cabin size and noise level, customization potential, pilot features, and range all factor into a contemporary jet buyer’s decision, and the Challenger 350 offers a great deal. It can make it across the pond fully fueled and with all seats occupied, it comes equipped with a head-up display, and it offers one of the lowest operating costs in its segment.

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