Minotti Introduces Stylish ‘Lifescape’ Outdoor Furniture Collection

Minotti Introduces Stylish ‘Lifescape’ Outdoor Furniture Collection

Published: March 10, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Lifescape Collection by Italian furniture design firm Minotti saw an update with four new lines. The collection—which has become something of a classic in the past decade or so—typically adds style to exterior living spaces, bringing a sense of cohesion, as well as textural variety, to decks, terraces, and indoor/outdoor transition rooms.

Minotti’s Lifescape Florida seating, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is both voluptuous and Spartan by turns. The sofa is large, even extravagant. But Lifescape seating also includes the Quadrado system, and that series, designed by Marcio Kogan and studio mk27, offers modular convenience and a list of accessories that includes cushions, backrests, and teak bases.

The Lifescape Rivera lineup was, again, penned by Dordoni, and boasts a sensibility informed by 1960s modernism, with warm-weather details and natural materials. It branches out into coffee tables and accessories. Seating includes a sofa and loveseat, with woven backs and armrests.

The new Lifescape Collection is capped by the Cord series. Each piece features a ‘Tape’ embellishment, which is a piece of metallic hardware in copper or bronze hue that fixes the furniture feet in place, and seats feature cane or stick backs.

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