Mercedes-AMG G63 Transformed Into Drone-Equipped Truck Compliments of Brabus

Mercedes-AMG G63 Transformed Into Drone-Equipped Truck Compliments of Brabus

Published: March 10, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Brabus recently unveiled a brand new take on a build foundation that has become familiar fare for the tuning shop: the AMG G63. This time around, the classically stodgy backcountry rig has been modified by Brabus in a technologically timely and uniquely pragmatic way: it packs a drone used to locate wilderness recreationists who’ve run into trouble.

The drone may be optional, but Brabus did pull out all the stops for this newest approach to the G63.

The model is called the 800 Adventure XLP and, in a sense, it combines all the major innovations Brabus has brought to the table for the AMG G63 owner. It packs the Adventure trim package we covered in November of last year, along with the Brabus 800 engine tuning, which brings the G63’s numbers to 789 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. Finally, it includes the Widestar body kit that has proven so popular for the tuning company.

The series of special embellishments, components, and features gracing the 800 Adventure XLP include 22” Monoblock HD wheels shoed with Pirelli Scorpio ATRs. The model is 20” longer than a standard production G63, and rides nearly 20” off the ground. Carbon fiber and milled billet aluminum are plentiful on the model.

First Edition examples of the 800 Adventure XLP, earmarked for 2020 production only, will be priced at just over €575K.

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