Q by Aston Martin Shows Off Its Creative Talent With Bespoke DBX

Q by Aston Martin Shows Off Its Creative Talent With Bespoke DBX

Published: March 5, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Aston Martin’s custom, ‘dream car’ division is called Q. Q, as in actors Desmond Llewelyn, Ben Whishaw, and—briefly—Python troupe alum John Cleese, who played various incarnations of the gadget-obsessed MI6 quartermaster department chief in the James Bond films. This is only fair. Aston gave Bond the DB11, after all; it is only right that they should playfully borrow the fictional name for their own real-world purposes.

Unlike Bond’s, Aston’s Q division won’t install a set of machine guns on your Vantage, but they can fulfill just about any creature comfort or cosmetic option one can imagine, and that’s just for starters. So Aston would like Q to be familiar to all high-end performance car buyers, and to that end they showed off a uniquely customized DBX to to raise the division’s profile a little.

The decked-out DBX is intended to stimulate the imagination of those looking for an individualistic four-wheeled statement for their $200K+. Q division gave the car a silver exterior and black interior—that is, an exterior suit of Satin Xenon Grey, and Obsidian Black for the leather upholstery—as well as a fair amount of carbon fiber and aluminum in an inventive series of trim and interior component pieces.

Aston was sure to differentiate between the two tiers of customization flourishes and additions: Collection and Commission, the former options pre-fabricated, and the latter to be determined by a customer’s desires and the size of their wallet.

The Q-enhanced DBX SUV may be seen in the photos below. Perhaps it will give you a few ideas of your own.

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