Three-Time NBA Champion Byron Scott Asking $2.4M in Hermosa Beach

Three-Time NBA Champion Byron Scott Asking $2.4M in Hermosa Beach

Published: February 22, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

NBA player-turned-coach Byron Scott—now retired from the professional arena—listed his postmodern Italian countryside home in Hermosa Beach for sale this winter. Scott is asking $2.35 million for the home; he picked it up in 2015, for $1.8 million.

The home’s exterior sets up an inviting feel, with warm Tuscan earth tones, a covered entryway flanked by a quartet of ornamental columns, a cozy second-floor terrace, and tile roof accumulating into a streetside impression that is very relaxed.

The interiors of the house—measuring 4,268 square feet—are generally modern in architectural line, but dressed in the same Tuscan palette. The foyer sets up a potent sense of scale, with series clerestories augmenting the effect. The ceiling heights slowly diminish as the home progresses from entry to living room to kitchen, but the diminution is a graceful one; materials are solid, with plaster walls giving a good indication of the home’s build quality.

In the bedrooms, the travertine tile floors of the shared living area transition to distressed plank hardwood, and each of the spaces sports a distinct tonal feel, with gray, off-white and yellow among the colors used. Outdoor spaces include a large deck, and a small ground-level recreation area that’s a little tight, but in keeping with the lot size.

Scott was a Laker—on the floor, or calling the shots—for twelve years. His decade of professional play included the great Lakers/Celtics (or, if you’re on the East Coast, Celtics/Lakers) competition years of the 1980s.

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