Jeff Bezos Conquers the 90210 to the Tune of $255M

Published: February 18, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Having secured quarters on the East Coast of this country, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos took time out from the grind this winter to buy heavily into Los Angeles real estate.

Bezos’ $23 million purchase of DC’s largest residence in 2017 was augmented at the beginning of this year with his purchase of a guest home across the street, and last spring saw him shell out $80 million for a triplex penthouse and guest and staff condos in midtown Manhattan. Quite a tally, but nothing compared to the whopping great sums of green he’s been tossing about on the Pacific side of this great land of ours.

Perhaps it was the narcotic sunshine of a Los Angeles winter; perhaps it was the languid caress of a breeze that had last brushed land in the Cook Islands. It might’ve even been inspiration from a recent viewing and profound misreading of Citizen Kane. Whatever the inducement might’ve been, Bezos is reportedly buying Paul Allen’s ‘Enchanted Hill’—that substantial slice of hilltop Beverly Hills acreage that first hit the market about two years ago with a $150 million asking price, but had been tagged at $110 million before the sale—for $90 million.

But $90 million isn’t the more spendy of Bezos’ winter of ’20 Beverly Hills property acquisitions. That honor goes to his $165 million purchase of Jack Warner’s old estate, which is rumored to have been priced by current owner David Geffen at well over $200 million prior to the sale. Jack Warner spent a decade building the 13,000 square foot mansion. Geffen picked it up for a little less than $50 million thirty years ago.

Something tells us next on Bezos’ list is an alpine retreat. Perhaps this summer.

Bezos’ net worth is around $130 billion.

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