2020 Ford GT Revealed With ‘Liquid Carbon,’ ‘Gulf Racing Heritage’ Editions

2020 Ford GT Revealed With ‘Liquid Carbon,’ ‘Gulf Racing Heritage’ Editions

Published: February 13, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

This month, Ford announced updates to its figurehead model, the GT. The changes to the GT include a token improvement in horsepower, as well as design improvements and tweaks, and even a new, all carbon fiber body option. Many of the changes are designed with competition performance usage in mind.

Speaking pragmatically, tops on the list of design improvements is the improved cooling system, with revised buttress air ducts that boost air flow by 50%. Ford’s press release also lists bigger intercoolers among the improvements, which give the GT more stamina at full tilt.

But Ford also detailed tweaked engine calibration, gallery-cooled pistons and higher-energy ignition coils. The GT’s 6-cylinder EcoBoost can now make 13 additional horsepower. Increased suspension damping for the GT’s Track Mode, and Akrapovič titanium exhaust now comes standard on the supercar.

Cosmetic changes include a ‘Gulf Racing Heritage Livery’ package, which adds a black pinstripe to the graphics, and optional carbon fiber wheels. Ford also announced the introduction of a ‘Liquid Carbon’ finish, which trades the GT’s paint for a special clearcoat. The option tacks a substantial sum onto the tally, but includes the carbon fiber wheels as standard equipment.

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