Tesla Cybertruck Inspires Caviar Cyberphone

Tesla Cybertruck Inspires Caviar Cyberphone

Published: February 1, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Russian custom iPhone specialty company Caviar is back, this time in the wake of the Tesla Cybertruck. Their newest iPhone 11 Pro is called the Cyberphone.

The Cybertruck may not be encrusted with precious stones, but the Cyberphone certainly is. That’s in keeping with Caviar’s blingy style.

The metallic angularity is a little bit of a departure for Caviar, although the firm’s designers have, of course, substituted titanium for stainless steel. The result is appealingly industrial, with an armored look that recalls the adventurous design of the Cybertruck.

Most appealing among the features of this newest Caviar iPhone 11 Pro build, however, is the protective metal cover for the screen. Not only does it prevent catastrophic mishaps from occurring—it converts to a nifty iPhone holder for suspending the device, making hands-on usage and display a snap.

Caviar has not revealed the price of the Cyberphone, but it is said to start around $18,000.

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