Billionaire Albert Avdolyan’s $36.5M Listing Flaunts Forcefully Expressed 90210 Status

Billionaire Albert Avdolyan’s $36.5M Listing Flaunts Forcefully Expressed 90210 Status

Published: January 18, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Russian telecommunications magnate Albert Avdolyan put the Beverly Hills home he’s shared with his wife for the past decade up for sale recently. Avdolyan is asking $36.5 million for the trophy home, a 12,500 square footer that was built in 2008, and purchased by the billionaire in 2009, for $13 million, just in time for that year’s Christmas season. Despite the home’s recent completion, a revision of the existing structure ensued.

The Holmby Hills-area house that stands on the spot now was designed by L.A.-area starchitect Richard Landry according to the Avdoyans’ tastes, and displays the buoyant swagger, playful flourishes, and style-by-atmosphere characteristic of his modern-inspired designs. The exterior appears to use limestone blocks as a primary building material, which brings the historical substance of European country houses to the mix, and combines with the glassiness and modernity for an added dimension of aristocratic familiarity.

Within, the home develops as a future-is-now manor, establishing a tenor of ethereal and frequently dazzling style that defies expectations whenever it possibly can, and is therefore whimsical and incredibly slick by turns. It uses texture as ornament in the foyer, forgoing the usual ponderous chandelier for wall patterns, and there’s no shortage of LED strip lighting to sustain the conceptual feel.

There’s also no shortage of conspicuously high-end materiel, with slabs of figured stone and wood combining into a high-dollar veneer that is impressive, however engineered. The master suite is typically extravagant, a no-holds-barred approach to waking into the nine-figure lifestyle.

Avdolyan founded Russian telecommunications company Expatel in 2009. His net worth is unknown; call it a billion.

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