Neuron EV Joins the Fight for Electric Truck Supremacy

Neuron EV Joins the Fight for Electric Truck Supremacy

Published: December 10, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

And another EV passenger truck concept hits the streets of tomorrow.

This time the startup’s name is Neuron EV. They’ve been around for a little over two years, and their first prototype is the T.ONE pickup. The took it to the Shanghai Auto Show this year, which is a natural for an EV startup: China is strongly pro-EV, and the country is globally tops as an electric vehicle marketplace.

For automotive journalists, the immediate comparison vehicle is of course the Tesla Cybertruck, which was unveiled last month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Tesla’s form was by turns hailed and trounced for its iconoclastic design style, its unwillingness to concede to expectations.

The T.ONE’s front end isn’t so very far from the Cybertruck’s abrupt angularity, the sharp shape that fuses nose and windscreen into a single, pure gradient of a line. But where the Cybertruck is nearly an artistic statement and, in its current form, a somewhat aloof brand expression, the T.ONE is a modular design for the masses. Interestingly, other notable EV passenger trucks that have received much press in the last year appear to fall into one of those two camps—Bollinger with Tesla, Rivian with Neuron EV.

The T.ONE’s huge fender flares fairly bellow ‘utility,’ but the design isn’t all function-first, and there’s more than a bit of graceful fluidity and hat-tipping to modernist tradition in this truck, right down to seats that borrow heavily from the Eames chair.

One layout option calls for a single front seat, though, so function and fleet-thinking is paramount to Neuron EV sensibilities. And the chassis will be purely functional, too, offering versatility that accommodates a series of single-purpose and multi-purpose builds. The Chinese market again leaps to mind.

Neuron EV hasn’t revealed any information about batteries, motors, range or power capabilities, so we’re still in the dark about those details.


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