Bugatti Chiron Noire Flaunts ‘Black Car’ Kinship

Bugatti Chiron Noire Flaunts ‘Black Car’ Kinship

Published: December 7, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Bugatti’s shadowy one-off, La Voiture Noire, is the apparent progenitor of a new version of the company’s recent through-a-glass-darkly vision: the Chiron Noire. Bugatti built a pair of variations on the theme. Unlike La Voiture Noire, though, the two were not commissioned as special orders, and are available for purchase through dealerships…although only 20 will be produced in the run.

A quick gander at the photos of the Chiron Noire Élégance reveals a black body—yes, it’s all carbon fiber, a whole caboodle of the stuff for a body material. The signature ‘C’ that adorns the profiles of the Chiron with such calligraphic grace is rendered as an abstraction without the usual accent tone, and black wheels and special black grilles. No red enamel in this Bugatti nose badge—it’s black, with sterling silver to give it contrast.

The Chiron Noire Sportive boasts a look that removes even the texture from the black body, leaving only flat black, a gaping absence, in place of it. This is the more extreme statement of the two, with nary a hint of even brushed metal or chrome to offer respite from the darkness. All control knobs and buttons are rendered in black, the edition script is in black, and even the ‘C’ signature is black. You get the idea.

Both of the special edition Chiron variants are priced at $3.3 million—a far cry from the $12.5 million Voiture Noire price tag, but still a rather substantial sum. Those who like the look can get the treatment on a production Chiron for a $110K premium.

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