Armored Inkas ‘Sentry Civilian’ Leaves Nothing to Chance

Armored Inkas ‘Sentry Civilian’ Leaves Nothing to Chance

Published: November 28, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Canadian security-based automotive tuner and customizer Inkas made a little more headway into the disturbingly fast-growing niche of consumer-grade armored vehicles this fall when they introduced their formidable-looking Sentry Civilian, a Ford F-550 that’s gone survivalist gung ho.

Grid gone down, open-ended style? Panicking in the streets? Gnashing of teeth? Dogs and cats sleeping together? Not to worry. Inkas packed many a feature useful in the post-apocalypse landscape into the gloomy rig, including a full complement of reinforced components to keep ‘er running despite all, as well as Inkas’ BR6-level armoring.

What, pray tell, is BR6-level armoring? Well, using Inkas’ well though-out scale—these folks have been producing custom armored cars for law enforcement agencies for over twenty years, and they know the territory well—BR6-level armoring can handle multiple ballistic assaults from unfriendlies toting that perennial favorite of an anti-personnel classic, the Kalashnikov…that is, the AK-47.

There’s a lot more weight in the Sentry Civilian than in the base model Ford truck, of course, but the 6.7L V8 diesel is more than capable of making up for the difference.

The interior receives an exceptionally luxe treatment, complete with plush leather seats and a large flat-screen TV.

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