Colin Farrell Just Wrapped Filming in This Rare New York Eichler, And Now It Can Be Yours for $580K

Published: October 31, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

While they can be considered enduring mainstays of the urban Southern California landscape, developer Joseph Eichler’s modernist tract homes are rare on the East Coast. Which makes this Eichler house in New York extraordinary simply by virtue of its geographical position. If you’re a movie buff, the icing on the cake is this: it was just used as a shooting location for a feature film starring Colin Farrell.

The house was designed by architecture firm Jones and Emmons—also from Los Angeles—and dates to 1962. Jones and Emmons built thousands of homes for Eichler. The New York Eichlers are clustered in Chestnut Ridge and, in this case, Spring Valley, which is the town immediately north of Chestnut Ridge.

This one features 5 beds and 2 baths in its 2,060 square feet of interiors. The design is typically utilitarian, community-centered, and optimistically forward-thinking. The layout places an exterior decked courtyard with a tree-planter centerpiece at the heart of the house; all common area options, which are accessible via sliding glass, extend outward from this fundamental space.

A great deal of glass gives the home a sanctuary-like feel, and a profound sense of liberation as well. Recent renovations to the home include a new kitchen, new wide-plank floors, and new roof, but the period feel of this 1962 build is very much intact.

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