Novitec Tackles Lamborghini Urus for Its Latest Creation

Novitec Tackles Lamborghini Urus for Its Latest Creation

Published: October 5, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

German tuner Novitec generally likes to work with Ferrari models. Occasionally they take on a Lambo, though, and their latest set of package tweaks are designed around the Urus.

Novitec’s approach doesn’t involve inflicting excessive bling or baroque track cred symbolism. They do add a roof spoiler to the Urus to help with control at higher speeds, but for the most part the changes to the body language err on the side of subtlety.

The exterior alterations come as a standard set of carbon components, with a wide body option available; it adds about 5 inches to the rear of the Urus, and 4 to the front. Otherwise, the Novitec-modified Urus comes across as an altogether smoother, more cohesive vision of Lambo’s SUV.

New software and engine tweaks have improved the Urus’ 0-62 time by a third of a second. The performance upgrades are more in the realm of handling, and an optional suspension control module decreases the clearance, but improves response. Vossen wheels and Pirelli P Zeros help the Urus along to becoming an action vehicle.

A big part of the appeal of tuning a car like this are the cabin mods: Novitec’s got bling if you want it, and have pockets deep enough to fund it.



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