Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Previews Future of S-Class

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Previews Future of S-Class

Published: September 21, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Mercedes-Benz’s VISION series of concept cars has tackled the hypercar and the autonomous urban fleet EV contexts, among others. Each concept illuminates the company’s image with the bright light of right-thinking industry avant-gardism. As a marketing strategy, such self-reflexive myth making is endlessly fascinating.

Beyond associating Mercedes with the alchemical act of linking the mundane and the fantastic, the series also gives the company room to show off tech-in-development, and reassert its position as a leader—arguably, the leader—in innovative automotive design language. Late summer 2019 finds the series delving into a near-future ideal of a luxury sedan, the VISION EQS, which has much to say on both counts.

The car’s shape calls to mind recent AMG sedans; the soft, brushlike upswept lower rail and gracefully sloped roof feature prominently in the profile. The LED-enhanced grille calls to mind other VISION entries, as well as the EQ, which is the company’s only production EV at this time.

Tech is hinted at by headlamp and taillamp designs that rely on diffusion—and also allows the opportunity for endless repetition of the Merc logo, as well as an ability to react acutely to other cars on the road. The cyclic is suggested in the wrap-around LED belt that helps define the exterior, as well as the cabin design.

Mercedes also found inspiration from ‘the world of luxury yachts’ when designing the cabin; the dash suggests decking, while the light-filled and spacious interior is intended to suggest the space, grace and freedom afforded by a pleasure craft. All this, and sustainable materials too. Fantastical, indeed.

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