Brabus G V12 900 ‘One Of Ten’ Is a Ferocious Performer With a Luxe Interior

Brabus G V12 900 ‘One Of Ten’ Is a Ferocious Performer With a Luxe Interior

Published: September 21, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show found Brabus in typically fighting fettle. The Mercedes tuning specialist has tackled the G-Class on many occasions in the past, offering idealized versions of the classical SUV that boast boosted power and a bespoke approach to cabin luxury.

The custom model Brabus brought to Frankfurt in 2019—the G V12 900, which is the newest in the tuner’s ‘One of Ten’ series—looks quite a bit like the ‘850 Widestar’ they brought to the show in 2015. And it does pack the ‘Widestar’ component package.

But this one also packs an entirely different engine than the stock V8: a V12 twin-turbo that’s usually employed in the Mercedes S600. Brabus opened it up a little, too; the displacement has been boosted from 6 liters to 6.3. The horsepower rating is 887, with 885 lb-ft of torque possible. Power is delivered via a 9-speed auto.

Brave numbers for an SUV, and—factoring in the acutely tweakable suspension—the Brabus G V12 900 ‘One of Ten’ would be a towing monster if it wasn’t so clearly intended for more refined environs, and priced accordingly. The tuned G63 can reach 62 MPH in just 3.8 seconds on its way to a limited top speed of 174. Those numbers represent a major improvement over any optioned-out rig available from Mercedes-Benz and AMG.

The interiors are typically Brabus: flashy. The custom leather is accented with orange trim, and there’s a noticeable addition of both aluminum and carbon fiber.

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