Apple Watch Hermès Series 5 Unveiled

Apple Watch Hermès Series 5 Unveiled

Published: September 21, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Hermes Apple watch first appeared in September of 2015; the collection was a hit, as were those that followed. And why not? Combining the tradition and taste of the French fashion house with the latest in contemporary tech should be a winning formula.

The two companies are at it again in September of 2019, bringing out a Series 5 smartwatch in a reveal that coincides with the announcement of the iPhone 11. This time around, the Hermes version of the wearable features a tasteful polished steel or black execution in place of the more colorful and somewhat whimsical designs previously featured. Ceramic and titanium cases are options.

The ‘Double Tour’ or single-wrap strap is available in solid colors or Hermes pattern; a sport band is also available. The all-black version pictured below is a limited edition, and may be the best-looking Apple watch to date.

Apple’s updates to the wearable are numerous. The Series 5 ‘Always-On’ retina display never goes off entirely, so it keeps its analog watch look. Battery life has been boosted to 18 hours. And it features a compass.

Pricing starts at around $1,250.




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