Alicia Keys Pays $20.8M for La Jolla’s Stupendous Razor House

Alicia Keys Pays $20.8M for La Jolla’s Stupendous Razor House

Published: September 21, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Alicia Keys’ new home is La Jolla’s modern-on-steroids, the ‘Razor House’. The musician picked up the signature property as a way of beating the autumn blues. And, although a $21 million prescription cost is rather steep, the singer did pay $10 million less than the original ask, which in and of itself wasn’t far from the mark for such an unusual house.

Because, even within the pantheon of trophy homes in SoCal, the Razor House is astonishing. Architect Wallace Cunningham’s design refers to the Pacific at every opportunity, and—especially from the back—sets a new standard for transparency. The home’s façade boasts a glass elevator, and most walls are glass, but the nothing-to-hide concept of the courtyard view of the interiors is striking and entirely liberating.

Which brings us to the master suite, where a glass wall makes an accommodation nearly merge with the ocean, and its symbolism. The other five bedrooms frequently hint at the same conflation, but not as effectively; only the zero-edge pool offers a more refreshingly frisson-inducing illusion of treading the razor’s edge.

Keys is busy working on a new album; her last was 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘Here’.

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