‘Water Walker’ Offers a New Twist on Aquatic Exercise

‘Water Walker’ Offers a New Twist on Aquatic Exercise

Published: September 14, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Japan-based company Water Walker & Spa wants to improve your joint health, as well as your cardiac health, during your next fitness session. And the hydrotherapeutic potential of their Water Walker workout device might add soothed nerves to the list of benefits, too; the company states that the unit is an effective fibromyalgia treatment.

The Water Walker’s footprint, like its price tag, is fairly large. So it won’t be for everyone. The company unit is designed for home fitness studios where neither consideration is an option. It holds enough volume for one adult to be immersed to the chest—about 330 gallons.

The benefit of exercising in water is twofold. The density of water requires more effort for movement, and burns more calories as a result. But moving underwater is also very low impact, even at the Water Walker Steed Pro Athlete’s top speed of 11 km/h.

Water Walker & Spa makes several other models, including the ultra-cool Spa & Walk unit, which merges a Water Walker and a spa tub in one nifty package.

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