A Look at Drew Barrymore’s ‘Flower Home’ Furniture Line

A Look at Drew Barrymore’s ‘Flower Home’ Furniture Line

Published: August 13, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Multitalented actress Drew Barrymore recently unveiled her new home collection, which mixes modern, freewheeling, romantic, and bohemian design cues.

The Drew Barrymore Flower Home line features furniture pieces and decor. Barrymore—who also has a beauty line—incorporated several vintage-inspired elements into the series, but the foundation of the stylistic sensibility is absolutely modern. Only more ebullient. For example, couch and chair designs in chic Mid-century configurations receive a refresh by way of textiles, including rattan and velvet.

Customers will also likely be drawn to several boho pieces with a fresh, sophisticated touch, including a pendant light that casts a softening, relaxed influence on common spaces.

Available online at Walmart, Jet, and other retailers, collection pieces range in price from $18 to around $1,000.


Photo credit: Walmart

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