2020 LearJet 75 Liberty Elevates Light-Jet Experience, Starts at $9.9M

2020 LearJet 75 Liberty Elevates Light-Jet Experience, Starts at $9.9M

Published: August 8, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier recently introduced its upcoming 2020 Learjet 75 Liberty.

The new light jet model was designed as more or less a personal conveyance. The light jet is equipped to fit up to six passengers while still providing plentiful space in the long cabin design; for those flying solo or with a partner, however, Learjet is offering its special two-seat ‘Executive Suite’ configuration.

The spacious ‘Executive’ layout design features a pocket door to separate the cockpit and cabin for increasing privacy and providing plenty of legroom. Customers can also opt for the four-seat ‘Club’ option, which features a layout intended to foster in-flight meetings and work sessions, with interactive space taking priority.

The Liberty will get its passengers from Point A to Point B with a top speed of Mach 0.81. It is capable of cruising from Seattle to Washington, DC, without stopping, and boasts a range of 2,080 nautical miles.

Bombardier’s Learjet 75 Liberty should see delivery next year. It is available starting at $9.9 million.

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