World’s Most Expensive Yoga Mat Carries a $100K Price Tag

World’s Most Expensive Yoga Mat Carries a $100K Price Tag

Published: July 30, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

You certainly can’t buy a map to your spiritual center, but you can be more impressively materialistic on your yoga mat.

And, if you’re in search of the perfect high-end yoga experience, you need to look no further…although shelling out considerable dinero for an upscale yoga mat might be considered missing the point of the ancient discipline by rather a large margin. Still, it’s all about spiritual growth, and you have to start somewhere!

Chakracarma’s mat starts at around $15,000. Those looking for a more exclusive one-of-a-kind design can order their mat with a 3.5-carat ruby, 3-carat amber, 3-carat carnelian, 2.5-carat sapphire, 2-carat opal, 1-carat emerald, and a 0.70-carat diamond. The most decorated design brings the price to $100,000.

To be sure, there are certain incongruities involved in owning a high-dollar yoga mat. Especially one made of cowhide, as the roots of Yoga are, of course, entirely grounded in ancient Hindu tradition. So, if your teacher hails from the old country, you may be gently urged to perhaps modify your approach to mind/body/spiritual integration and focus. Or, you may be thrown bodily from the room.

But you’ll have a sparkling ornamental flair to help you recover, and a bit of disposable-income New Age snake oil, too: the precious stones are said to emit specific vibrations that charge its user’s chakras.

So, you know, you’ll have that going for you.

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