Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel Snags Striking L.A. Modern for a Heavily Discounted $5M

Published: July 16, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Last month, billionaire Peter Thiel picked up a glassy mid-century home in Los Angeles, and paid under ask in the process. The $5 million sale against the $6 mil asking price wouldn’t be so unusual if it didn’t contrast more dramatically with the home’s previous sale price: in 2015, it found a buyer willing to pay almost $7.5 million for its ebulliently optimistic, interior-exterior and back again lifestyle.

To be sure, the $5 million looks to be a bargain. The home is nestled between the Norma Triangle and Bird Streets neighborhoods, and features architecture that is strikingly but quaintly boxy.

Despite being expressed in hard geometry, industrial flourish, and tough surface, the house is exceedingly warm, with mid-toned hardwood plank appearing as frequently as the stone tile. The glassy interiors feature some of the most beautifully executed interior/exterior living spaces we’ve seen, and the sculptural ceilings of a major renovation are designed to constantly suggest expanse.

A fireplace in bookmatched marble unequivocally brings the contemporary into the home. The staircase features a modern-style balustrade and warm hardwood treads, while a secondary staircase in tile descends to a marvelous indoor/outdoor sofa. Overall, there’s a lovely sense of balance in the interiors, but the master suite—containing one of three bedrooms and four baths in the house—tips the scales at warm modern, with an unusually expressive master bath and a walk-in closet lined in wood.

Exterior dining and living spaces, a fire feature, a pool and a spa all nestled within a tight green frame of privacy landscaping.

Thiel co-founded PayPal. His net worth is north of $2 billion.

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