Emma Stone Is Right on the Money With $3.9M Sale in the 90210

Emma Stone Is Right on the Money With $3.9M Sale in the 90210

Published: July 13, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

This month, Emma Stone sold the Beverly Hills property she’d put up for sale on the second day of this past spring. The three-time Academy Award nominee accepted an offer right on the money for the home: $3.899 million ask, and $3.899 million sale.

The home is a shameless charmer in design, and in interior style. The exterior is a classic American traditional rambler, with a bright red front door in a deeply recessed portico entryway contrasting with the otherwise staid upscale midcentury suburban architecture. A foreshadowing of things to come.

Within, the brash 3,900 square-foot home unfurls its living style in a series of tiny surprises. From the warm, cottagey foyer—decked out in red-and-white wall covering—the home turns abruptly cool, with a living room expressed in pale aquamarine and featuring a whitewashed brick fireplace in a sculpted accent wall; an eccentric chandelier and a semi-vaulted ceiling bring a little whimsy and space to the mix—both being agents of liberation.

The kitchen features a fairly straightforward farmhouse execution, with black-on-white supported by the dark oak plank, and nary an embellishing riff to stir the waters. But the combo dining and family room follows, and it’s the most ebulliently insouciant room in the home, with big-pattern green and white and another why-not chandelier giving way to French doors that open broadly onto the property exterior.

Other highlights of the four-bed, 4.5-bath home include a bath sporting classic white-and-black check, and the master suite, which boasts a Federal fireplace; in the greater context of the home, the flourish comes off as a bit of ironic formality.

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