VistaPet is a Private Jet Service That Caters Specifically to Your Pets

VistaPet is a Private Jet Service That Caters Specifically to Your Pets

Published: June 18, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Is your pet a jet-setter? Not yet? Well, sign up Mr. Frisky for an air miles program, because that cat is going first class the next time he travels. There’s a market for pet travel, and being tucked away in cargo, a scary place for any animal, is now a thing of the past.

The newest service to guarantee that these family members travel in comfort, style, and safety is VistaPet. VistaPet is a new private jet service designed specifically for four-pawed loved ones (and their owners, too, of course). Considering some of the horror stories of pets traveling on commercial planes, it’s nice to know that owners have another option.

The global aviation company developed the new service after noting that the human business jet firm—Vista Jet—saw a 104-percent increase in animal travel in the last two years. Additionally, the company shared that 25 percent of their customers travel with a furry friend. Now, they can make the trip freely.

Each beloved traveler will enjoy a luxurious experience aboard one of the fleet’s private jets. Beyond lounging on a plush handmade Labbven sleep mat, pets will also be fed from a balanced menu. Roast tenderloin and baked salmon are just two of the available options.

And, it looks like VistaPet is open to transport for many types of pets, not just those with four paws.

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