Lilium’s All-Electric Air Taxi Completes Maiden Flight

Lilium’s All-Electric Air Taxi Completes Maiden Flight

Published: June 1, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

German aeronautic startup Lilium may be in the process of redefining short-distance hired travel. They’ve successfully tested their diminutive Jet, which is slated to be in full service in cities globally in five years.

Earlier this month, the Lilium Jet—which is an all-electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing passenger jet—completed its maiden flight in Germany. In the wake of the successful launch, Lilium announced a projected goal of Air Taxi fleet expansion to cities around the world by 2025.

The five-seat passenger jet is emissions-free, so your next across town travel experience will be quiet and clean to boot. The Jet’s 36 electric jet engines allow it vertical lift, and enough power to accelerate to more than 186 mph. The Jet has a range of 186 miles.

The Lilium Jet is just beginning the process for certification and testing, but it has the potential to completely revolutionize urban and suburban travel. Eventually, customers will be able to locate an available jet with the touch of a smartphone, just like booking a Lyft or Uber.

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